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Ben Barlow - Vocals
Lloyd Roberts - Guitar
Matt West - Guitar
Fil Thorpe-Evans - Bass
Dani Abasi - Drums

yeahdollface asked: holy shit I'm sorry I just saw you answered me about my tattoo that I'm going to get "I know I'll find myself along this beaten track" and idk if I'll get a picture. I want one but I'm not sure what! if I can't think of one when the time comes I'm going to just get the lyrics in the side of my forearm :)

Please send me a picture when you get the tattoo. Neck Deep follows me and will probably see it :)

Anonymous asked: You are such a cutie holy pizza wow ya A+ on the face and music taste and I really just want to kiss you and consume a lot of pizza with you and listen to brand new.

OH MY GAWD. This is now my all time favorite message. Thanks for the offer but I already got a bae. Sorry. I still love you tho :D

How did everyone’s holiday weekend go? Mine was pretty boring haha

Anonymous asked: I know you mentioned you live in California.. Did you feel the earthquake earlier this week?

No I wish I did tho :/


built my own skateboard and did my own art!!!!

"…just the simple things that you learn when you grow up - he doesn’t seem to know a lot of them - like, how to book a train.." (x)

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