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Ben Barlow - Vocals
Lloyd Roberts - Guitar
Matt West - Guitar
Fil Thorpe-Evans - Bass
Dani Abasi - Drums

Anonymous asked: Getting crowd surfers dropped on you at concerts sucks, considering I'm a small female I was squished multiple times :/

Awwwwwwe I’m sorry. I try to protect you guys at shows I swear. It ruins the whole experience for you I bet :(

Anonymous asked: One of the anons said they got hurt crowed suffering at warped I think? they aren't supposed to do that in the first place &a lot of people hate people who do that because nobody sees them &they are watching the show so yes they are going to drop you

I just hate the ones that jump on the poor little girls in the front. Launch yourself to the back not on the girls. Protect girls at all costs. I don’t know how they crowd surfed when warped tour has barriers at every date

Anonymous asked: Do you have a personal blog? Or Instagram?


Anonymous asked: there were so many white girls at their warped show like i tried to crowdsurf and they dropped me and i fractured my tailbone. concert's still gonna be rad as fuck


Anonymous asked: Can you give me a general gist of what a Neck Deep/Real Friends concert will be like? I'm going in November and I just want to make sure I'm prepared for anything. And when I see Ben I'll probs pass out <3 Thanks c:

A insane amount of finger pointing and if there isn’t a barrier a record breaking amount of stage dives. Neck deep usually hangs out around the venue after their set so should pretty easy to get a picture and a hug in. Really chill lads they are :)

Anonymous asked: How old are you?



Old enough

Old enough to party

Literally watching Superbad right now.


Anonymous asked: I feel like everyone here is so freaking basic white girl (atleast where I live) I can't even imagine going to the wheatland date haha

Don’t even get me started hahaha

Anonymous asked: Did you go to the wheatland warped tour? I went to the mountain view date even tho wheatland was closer lmao

I did. The weather was perfect oh my goodness. The crowds were pretty good as well

Anonymous asked: How old are you?

Old enough

Old enough to party

Anonymous asked: Same! Im near Sacramento wbu?

OMG same here!