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Ben Barlow - Vocals
Lloyd Roberts - Guitar
Matt West - Guitar
Fil Thorpe-Evans - Bass
Dani Abasi - Drums

tillmidnightwemeet asked: Are you going to one of their shows this fall? If so which one?

San Fran ayyyyye

Anonymous asked: What's up in smoke about

What’s your interpretation? I told you Mine about candour. Your turn bae

Anonymous asked: What is the song Candour about?

Well everyone’s interpretation will be different but I think its about someones dad losing his battle with cancer or some kind of disease. I could be totally wrong tho

sing-smoke-dream asked: I just posted my neck deep tattoo on my blog. It's not what anon is looking for but it might serve some inspiration.

Can you please link.me. I can’t find it :(

alyalyy asked: to the anon about the tattoo: maybe the tiger off of A History of Bad Decisions with lyrics lining it? Personally I wouldn't get the Rain in July cover but that's just me haha. Oh and the person that said the idea about the Zoltar tattoo, that would also would be v cool. Just choose some lyrics that mean a lot to you and go from there :)

I really want the tiger as my next tattoo. You guys have great ideas. Keep then coming!!

neckiedeep asked: their instagram usernames are @neckdani @masshew @benisneckdeep @lloydisneckdeep and @filisthorpe, fyi.


sadsongshappythoughts asked: Anon could get a picture of Zoltar off of their wishful thinking album with "My dreams are dark and twisted," on top of it and "but tonight I'm dreaming of you." on the bottom. just a thought

Holy fuck
I love it!!!!!!!!

Anonymous asked: Hiya! So I'm determined to get a neck deep tattoo but I can't decide what I want or what works. I really like the whole "cameo" or 'portrait frame' thing but I'm not sure. I wanted to also incorporate some lyrics from a song. Do you have any ideas for me? Thankyou! xx

I don’t have that many good ideas but if I see any neck deep tattoo. I’ll reblog them and if anyone has any ideas that would be rad

Anonymous asked: Do you have kik?

Nope. That app is very disturbing haha

blindedxvoid asked: Also thank u for making this blog. I love neck deep and they're like all I care about lately and all I listen to so I really love this ✌

Thank you for following this blog :3